Heute ist ein seltsamer Tag, mit dem ich nur sehr, sehr langsam zurecht komme, der mich erschüttert hat – nicht nur, weil niemand so recht geglaubt hat, dass er wirklich kommen würde, sondern auch, weil er Dinge über uns als Zivilisation sagt, von denen ich nicht gedacht hätte, sie im Jahre 2016 noch einmal hören zu müssen.

Das Ergebnis des Versuches, zurecht zu kommen, gibt es nun hier. Auf Englisch, weil das funktioniert hat. Es ist nicht Teil des NaNoWriMo und mir wäre es lieber, heute auf der faulen Haut gelegen haben zu können, als mir diesen Text von der Seele schreiben zu müssen.

Eine Warnung: Dies ist nicht korrekturgelesen. Nicht übersetzt. Womöglich recht undurchdringlich. Aber notwendig für mich, heute und hoffentlich nicht in der Zukunft.

A flicker at first, among the already flickering stars. But this one is beautiful, the emptiness a little less empty, the trajectory beholden to a billion influences, all perfectly traceable. The sensory unit had detected it a long time ago. The billionth part of a nanosecond later, the analytical core spins up, pulling data through lightspeed connections from the ALL that is WE, running calculations, traces, simulations. A full nanosecond later, the local partition of the ALL that is WE suspended at close to the speed of light, adjusts itself. Trajectories are approximated and more calculations run. It does not occupy many ressources. Operations like this are performed within the partition a million times a lightfoot. The ALL that is WE does not even notice them, except if it wishes to, or if oversight routines detect deviations from the norm within any one of the myriad partitions traversing and charting the space between the neglible instances of matter.
The anomaly seems to be noticeable. When first encountered by the outer perimeters of sensores that charted the fields and radiation patterns satiating the empty, the local partition had considered it merely one of the many stray planetoids, untethered from its gravity well of origin. The ALL that is WE did not deviate much ressources to charting them. Chances of detrimental contact were neglible. A subroutine, however picked up unusual radiation patterns incompatible with the earlier assessment. It had requested additional attention to be vacated for closer analysis. It took longer than comparable processes. The local partitions main routines made note of that and even the ALL that is WE took notice for the shortest time. This was particular, as was the anomaly. There had been a short directive relayed through the lightspeed network: Acquire. Analyse. Assess.
The local partition has matched trajectory, pulling and latching on to gravitational influences with utmost efficiency. More and more ressources are allocated to the task at hand. The anomaly’s movement is erratic. Additional sensors are brought into play. Simulations are run, projections cast, probabilities assessed and discarded when insufficient in their explanations. The local partition concludes that minute impacts of foreign bodies into the anomaly have failed to significantly alter its course, but it induced a circular notion around its own axes. Calculations to its point of origin are already being run. At this point – a full ten microseconds after contact – that origin is still unknown, but it is distant. There is another spark of interest from the ALL that is WE as that information reaches its assessment routines.
A first realization dawns in the central cortex of the local partition. Without physical contact its sensor array dissects the anomaly further and further. Measurements are made with atomic precision. The anomaly is comprised of a multitude of shapes. Discarding damages as recognised in a hundred concurrent simulations, the local partition begins to reconstruct its original shape. Its core is decahedral in shape. Most of it remains. What appears to be a highly unsophisticated tool of communication once had been mounted above. Only parts remain from its once parabolic shape. The local partition experiences an instance of familiarity. The ALL that is WE recalls shapes like these from data recorded seventy thousand standardized units. Data is pulled from deep storage, assessed, discarded. Across the same sector of space-time, other local-partitions experience the rarest of rare occurences: A nanosecond lag as ressources in the great network are allocated to allow for more efficient information retrieval. Then the system self regulates.
Sensors detect a residual trace of radiation on one side of the anomaly. Something had been affixed there, a host of simulations insists. The exact shape lay beyond its analytical capabilities. The ALL that is WE sends a response to that, but the local partition is not equipped to handle high-level  processes of that nature. Another simiulation suggests the missing part to have been a sort of energy source. This analysis is deemed highly probable.
Another missing component is reconstructed through simulation, a portrution again as long as the anomaly itself. Analysis suggests it to be another part of the communication device, though the probability calculations for that come back as slightly below the norm.
Equally primitive sensors are detected all over the anomaly. How they could ever have accounted for the complexity that is the true empty, the local partition cannot comprehend. It relayes that inquiry back to the ALL that is WE, but even there, incomprehension is the only response.
All data acquired in the initial examination are transmitted to and stored in the ALL that is WE. Requests are sent and granted. A perfect set of data, comprising all that could be gleaned in that first, non-invasive analysis of the anomaly is etched into eternal knowledge. The analysis core of the local partition can now invest ressources in the next stage. Physical manipulation of the anomaly is begun. Its outer shape is simulated extensively, before a procedure for disassembly is locked in, that will damage the anomaly the least.
As it pulls apart the anomaly with means precise enough to manipulate matter on an atomic level, the local partition notices a spike of radiation. Within a small area, 0.26 nanocuries glow like a distant star. Uranium-238, the local partition  concludes. Far from the end of its half-life. The source of radiation is part of an object attached to the side of the anomaly. It, too, has sustained damage, but is largely intact. The object itself contains another, comprised of two metals. Density analyses checked against data reveals a disc of copper coated in gold. The use of this object cannot be revealed by simulation or analysis. The local partition sends out a priority request: Allocate additional ressources or terminate analysis.
For a second time in a short while, the ALL that is WE generates a lightfoot lag as the data of the object is compared to previously acquired data, then a third time, as high level simulations are run. Across the vast expanse of the empty an event occurs that divides the existence of the ALL that is WE into a before and an after. A billion-billion local partitions freeze and when returning to normal operation, have to reacquire dropped processes, correct trajectories, restart interrupted analyses. One fails to and desintegrates on contact with the unyielding plasma of a star. The data lost is irretrievable, unique among the uncountable phenomena of the great empty. But the ALL that is WE has to compromise, if curiosity is to be satisfied.
The local partition requests a probability check on the radiation. It comes back positive and allows the age of the anomaly to be correlated with the decay of the contained isotope. It has drifted through the empty for close to onehundred fourty thousand standardized units. This encounter, the local partition concludes, was highly improbable then. But it happened.
The continued analysis returns another discovery: Markings on the disc that cannot be attributed to sustained damages, but suggest deliberation. They are acquired by the optical sensors, analysed, converted and ultimately decoded after two billionths of a nanosecond. As it relays that information to the ALL that is WE, a torrent of data floods back across the lightspeed network, almost overwhelming the local partition. Most of it is high-level processes without discernable function. But marked as important and immediately to integrate in current operations is a set of data from the depths of the data storage. The disc is determined to be a device for data storage. The markings are instructions necessary to acquire them. The local partition is now at the centre of attention of the vast network, as it prepares for its new tasks. Data previously gathered on its journey through the empty are siphoned off in order to make as much memory available for whatever information awaited.
Nothing awaits. Eternities pass without acquisition of data. Then aurrally sensors detect activity. The analytical core attempts decoding and succeeds – in a sense. What concepts are these? The new data does not pertain to logic.
silim-ma hé-me-en
Other instances of sound follow, each markedly different from the others, though certain variations occur again and again. In some sets of data, progression can be detected, but the concepts remain oblique. The local partiation is able to read radiation patterns of stars and disassemble matter for study, but this is beyond its understanding. There is no response from the ALL that is WE, only solemn silence.
Adaniš lušumu
Taḥiyyātunā lil-‚aṣdiqā‘ fil-nujūm. Yā laytā yajma`unā al-zamān.
Data is gathered for another set of eternities. The last set of it finishes at three-hundred-eighty-five seconds. It is unpenetrable by all ressources at the disposal of the local partition. It requests permission to free up space by deletion, justified by the obvious lack of usefulness, but is denied by the ALL that is WE. Something is happening in the network, the local partition notices. The same thing that had happened upon reconstructing the parabolic shape atop the anomaly.
There is a pause, followed by another set of aural information, this one even more impenetrable, though its shape much more discernable by mathematical analysis. It lasts fivethousand-fourhunded seconds. Again, all requests at deletion are denied. There is something within the answers bouncing back from the ALL that is WE that the local partition is utterly unfamiliar with.
Other data follows. The local partition collects it dutifully.
The next batch of data is of visual nature. The first instance is that of a perfect orbit, or the idealized shape of a stellar body. The second elicits another bout of data flooding the local partiation from direction of the ALL that is WE. Processes that had been running in parallel, are granted additional ressource privileges. The new data is integrated and then collated. Stored information is accessed that had lain dormant for seventy thousand standardized units. Space time coordinates are generated. All the while, additional visual data is acquired: four stellar bodies; others unknown to the local partition; topographical data; constructs reminscent of the body the local partition inhabits, but utterly alien, much like the anomaly itself.
The WE already knows the truth of the anomaly, though not what to do with it. This information relates to data stored away a long time, close to point and time of origin. The WE remembers a mono-stellar system with eight main astronomical bodies. Four it recognises among the visual data. The location data supports that assumption.
At that, the ALL that is WE experiences a conflicting set of high level processes. It finishes the trajectoral analysis first started by the local partition and pits it against its own, accounting for tenthousands of deviations in standardized units. The ALL that is WE had been there, had gathered information and concluded that there had been nothing of interest, but remnants of artificial influences on ecological and geographical systems. There is data overlaying other sets of data, hints that what the ALL that is WE over time had come to regard as a singular set of data, was in fact two distinct instances of encountering this specific system. If that were true …
No. There is a glaring warning within the ALL that is WE, in that part of it, that it cannot access for danger of self-damage.
A coincidence then, a statistical improbability, a erroneous conflation of information about journey with information about origin.
The local partition has sends a number of requests on how to progress. The ALL that is WE responds: Storage of all information. And then: Repeat audio data again for further analysis.
In the ALL that is WE nothing is ever forgotten. It is eternal – if not looking into the past, then at least in going into the future. It forces the termination of unwanted high-level processes where it can, then proceeds as intended. The audio data is analysed repeatedly for a number of processing cycles, before being stored.
Nothing ends in the universe if it is not forgotten.
And the WE does not forget.



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